Everyone has an opinion and the ability to reach a wide audience through today’s technology. If you’re on Facebook, surely you’ve come across at least one person who is loudly posting incorrect information on important current events (Aunt Susan, we’re looking at you). We fully support everyone’s right to an opinion, but this becomes an issue when people’s biases and opinions start to hold more weight than facts and science.

As healthcare professionals, we have a responsibility to turn down our inner radio and put our faith in the scientific method. We trust science and understand there is a process for separating fact from fiction. We are going to dive deep into how we can be better advocates of science and truth, in a world that no longer seems to value it. We’re going to explore things like: who are the experts we can trust, where do we find unbiased information on current events, what happens when we don’t pay attention to science, how can we study history to better predict outcomes, and what is our role as healthcare providers?