48-year-old male presenting to the clinic for lab results.

Past medical history is hypertension, DMT2, hyperlipidemia, gout, urine urgency, Obesity, Helicobacter, fatty liver.

Abnormal labs are HDL 30, Triglycerides 390, and MCH 26.4. Pt states he takes his medication as ordered but does not have an exercise routine or is not following a nutritional diet at this time.

1. What is your diagnosis based on the labs?

2. What additional labs or procedures are you running to confirm your diagnosis?

3. What are your recommendations for the patient?

4. What other potential OTC medication could assist in lowering patient’s triglyceride levels?


5. What is the recommended medication for a patient with elevated triglycerides in history of diabetes with the risk above?


6. Based on the patient’s history of gout and iron anemia what other lab would be important to take note.


7. In the spirit of healthcare collaboration what other referral may benefit this patient?


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